Gallery - Paxton-Gammel-Cormier Easel

William Paxton, (1869-1941) was one of the most influential of the Boston School painters and his studio was located at the Fenway Studios in Boston. His easel was depicted in several of his paintings, (see illustration) and probably has never been out of the building. Upon his death the easel was used by his student R. H. Ives Gammell, a noted artist and teacher at Fenway Studios, who taught Paxton’s methods. Upon the death of Gammell, his student Robert Cormier inherited it. The easel was purchased from the estate of Robert Cormier and is in excellent condition. The easel measures 26" x 26" by up to 8' high approximately, and the quality of the workmanship is unusually fine.

I am looking for the appropriate person to be the proper caretaker of this historic relic of the Boston School of Painting, and I am not in a rush to find that person.

Paxton-Gammel-Cormier easel in painting