Portrait of Rose

by Kenneth Frazier 1867-1949, courtesy private collection

  • Before

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  • During

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  • After

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This painting was brought to us by a client, who noticed some discolored paint in the flesh area above the gown, and wanted it removed. Once we started dissolving the top layer of paint in this area, we noticed that the chest, gown, and both arms had been crudely repainted and a veil added. At this point we consulted with the owner of the portrait who boldly asked us to continue. It was, however, a gamble.

The more re-painted surfaces we removed the more of the original work could be seen and the quality of the painting hinted to be much greater than when the owner purchased it. The final image reveals the artist’s original intent, no veil, gloved arms, a two-inch shift in the position of one arm and a better-observed dress. A French chair appears in the background. The result was, as one can see from the final image, a far superior and compelling work of art.