18th Century Icon, Mother and Child, Origin Unknown

  • Before

    Mother and Child before
  • During

    Mother and Child before
  • After

    Mother and Child after

When this icon arrived in our studio with several others, I flatly told the client it was a lost cause and that I would most likely just return it without charge, but for some reason we could never get it out the door, as the owner felt we performed miracles on a daily basis. So one day I thought I would give in one more really good try and low and behold, the Virgin Mary started to appear before my very eyes on that ancient thick piece of warped wood that I held in my hand. To complete the cleaning, and do the research and subsequent restoration, the job was turned over to Stephanie Angleo of our staff who expertly and professionally preserved the artist's intent, and unintentionally caused rumors of yet another art conservation miracle.